Trading on the Weekend Options

For some traders, Saturday and Sunday present the only spare time they have available for trading binary options. For other traders, being able to trade both during the week and on weekends a trader can add potential profit.

Unfortunately, most of the main markets are closed on these days, decreasing the trading possibilities. Brokers are now recognizing that many traders prefer or need to trade during the weekends and therefore began to provide trade prospects in spite of some marketplace hour constraints. These are some of the options available for trading over the weekend.

Most markets are open from Monday to Friday. However some markets, mostly in the Middle East, are open from Sunday to Thursday and some from Saturday to Wednesday, enabling traders to trade options over the weekend.

The following exchanges that are open for trading the weekends include:

DFM Index – The Dubai Financial Market is an index based on the Dubai stock exchange, one of the major exchanges that is located in the United Arab Emirates.

Tel-Aviv 25 Index – The Tel-Aviv 25 Index consists the top 25 companies in the Tel-Aviv 100 Index, computed by Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange.

Kuwait Stock Exchange – The Kuwait Stock Exchange is the national stock market of The State of Kuwait. It represents the stock index for the national Kuwaiti stock exchange that includes investment companies, banks, real estate, and insurance companies located in Kuwait.

Tadawul Index – The Tadawul Index exchange is the only stock exchange that is located in Saudi Arabia. It is supervised by the Capital Market Authority.


Stocks that are available to trade on the Weekends:

Stocks that are listed on the markets above can also be traded on the weekends. However, some of the companies listed on these exchanges are not offered as underlying assets on binary contracts that are offered by binary brokers.

The one exception to this is Teva Pharmaceutical. Teva is a global pharmaceutical leader company that is listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Many brokers will offer them for trading over the weekend in addition to the indices above.

The trading instruments that are accessible can also vary marginally on weekends. Above/Below trades should be available over the weekend. On the other hand, One Touch, No Touch and Boundary instruments may either not be available, or may include a requirement to select a future expiry time that is not going to go live until the markets re-open.

One of the best asset selections for weekend trading is currency pairs. No central market for Forex exists and for that reason several trading options are offered at any time. Not every binary options trader has experience in Forex trading. Yet those who need to trade mainly on the weekend can benefit greatly from learning how to trade currency pair binary options.

In conclusion, if you are one of the many traders that are very busy during the week, but have free time for trading on the weekend, there are still be a lot options for you to choose from so long as your broker provides them on these two days. Many of these brokers also deliver mobile trading so that traders can trade from virtually anywhere. Mobile trading is a perfect solution for weekend traders who would rather not spend their valuable free time tied to a computer.

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