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With the rise of Social networks such as Facebook and twitter, there has been an accelerated rise of investment networks that have applied the same methodology to the way traders operate.

eToro leads the pack as far as users and levels of service to their nearly 3 million strong social trading investment community. We’ll get to the way eToro does it in a bit but basically, it is about this global investment community.

Investors are giving up listening to brokers and relying more on their friends. eToro does this seamlessly by making sure everyone in the community is connected.

The social aspect of eToro‘s trading platform, OpenBook is what sets it apart from other online investment networks. Investors in the community can see live feeds of other traders on the network. Such information as live broadcasts, positions, gains as well as all the latest news is delivered in real time. If you see an investor that you’d like to follow, all it takes is a click.

​If you like their investment strategy, copy it with another click. You are in full control to start and stop copying trades on your demand. With our Guru search, you can search for other traders. Before not too long, you might just become a guru yourself.

With eToro, and its over 2.75 million users in more than 140 countries, the power of trading is at the investment community’ fingertips.

You can meet eToro‘s rising starts and the traders that stand out most which were handpicked by our experts and copy their actions.

​Investors can see, follow, track and copy and trade indices, commodities, stocks and currency in real time using OpenBook.

The highly innovative and user friendly platform attracts over two thousand new members every day, making it the largest online global marketplace for the investment community.

eToro was founded in 2007 and has over 300 employees worldwide. Their customer service team is spread globally and chances are they speak your language, and can answer questions from the most basic to the most complex.

If you want to realize your financial freedom, perhaps the time has come for you to check out eToro and its innovative investment solution.

​It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an expert. There is no cost to sign up and check it out. Come see what the excitement is all about. eToro welcomes you to  the community!


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