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EZTrader is a brand name owned by U.S. public company Win Global Markets, Inc. Traded under WGMI NASDAQ symbolWin Global Markets’ product is an online proprietary platform for binary options trading. EZTrader’s platform includes trading Stocks, Forex, Commodities and Indices. Their main goal is making online trading effortless as possible. EZTrader’s market success speaks for itself which offers a high possible return of up to 95% and up to 2,000$ welcome bonus.

Binary options is a way to make online money by trading, and is currently the fastest growing industry on the internet, since it’s very simple to use and quick to get started. It is possible to trade binary options without following everyday market news which enables a quick jump into the market.

With EZTrader’s platform you can never lose more than you choose to risk while your payout can be up to 95%!

EZTrader is all about quality of service, supplying multilingual customer support (including German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish and Swedish) that are available around the clock.

EZTrader’s platform offers Hourly, Daily and Weekly trading. EZTrader offers a free Trading ebook and video courses with strategies and tips.

Since online trading involves money transactions, EZTrader supports a wide variety of options for deposit and withdrawals such as credit cards and Skrill. You can choose from over 80 assets to trade such as Commodities Indices, stocks & currency pairs.

EZTrader offers a high return rate of up to 95%. Also, EZTrader offers up to 15% as deposit return in case of a loss.

The quality of EZTrader’s proprietary online platform is maintained constantly by EZTrader’s team who make sure the platform is developed and continuously upgraded.

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