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It can be very difficult choose from the many binary options platforms available. 24option is a leading industry binary option platform which provides its traders tools and strategies in order for them to succeed. As a 24option trader you will get everything from a set of tradable options to the top profitable market assets.

24option’s platform is designed to train its traders in order for them to use their knowledge to make as much profit as possible in the binary options market. You can trade by using 24option’s 60 second options or by using the High/Low trading option in order to gain profits in minimal time.

Binary options are profitable since in order to trade them you don’t need to actually purchase the asset. You are in fact trading by predicting the chosen asset’s market price, this way you have control over the risk you take. You also know exactly how much you can earn or lose before trading which makes binary options very popular.


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At 24option’s video center you can watch hours of binary options instructive videos and learn about trading, portfolio management, get trading tips and tour the 24option trading platform.

  • Explore the world of Binary Options
  • Learn trading strategies and techniques
  • Understand market analysis
  • See a demo of 24option’s platform

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  • 24option offers 0 spread trading on Currencies, Commodities, Indices & Stocks.
  • 24option has a high limit of 50K$ per trade which means that you can make more profit in less time. By using 24option’s trading platform you can earn from your very first trade with up to 89% on every trade, with a wide variety of assets to choose from.
  • 24option uses real time market data which ensures that the trader gets accurate to the second assets market prices.
  • 24option’s binary options trading platform gives you access to stocks, currencies, commodities and indices, all through a user friendly trading platform.
  • At 24option you can trade on financial markets using real financial information. 24options uses a direct feed from Morningstar in order to ensure that the platform shows actual real time prices.
  • 24option offer the traders limits of 20K$ per trade which is the industry’s highest limit per trade. This enables the trader to gain maximum profits in minimum time.
  • At 24option you can earn up to 91% on every trade. All you have to do is choose an asset to trade and click the direction you think the market will go and you’re on the way to making profits.
  • 24option offers 2 min. trade ,5 min. trade and also 15 min. trade.
  • 24option offers a buy back option.
  • 24option supports German, English, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, French, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Hindi, Russian, Romanian, Greek, Swedish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Bulgarian, Bosnia, Croatian, Serbian and Montenegrins.
  • 24option’s binary options trading platform enables you to trade wherever you are and whenever you are. You can use your PC, laptop or even your mobile device. You can trade on your iPad, Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia or any other mobile device.